The Xerox VersaLink C605

When your workplace needs to do more, you need office equipment that is up to the challenge. Enter the VersaLink® C605, which Xerox has billed as its “technology-enabled, smart Workplace Assistant.” With the Xerox VersaLink C605, you can get more done in less time while cutting your overall costs significantly.

The VersaLink C605 is a versatile, multifunction color printer that can:

• Print
• Copy
• Fax
• Scan
• Email
• Store in cloud

Since it has cloud capabilities, it’s great for mobile users as well as for group projects. Designed for between 10 and 20 users, this printer is easy for individuals to customize according to their own preferences.

Lightning-Fast Operation

With this device you can get things done in record time thanks to its lightning-fast operation. This printer can produce up to 53 pages per minute in either black-and-white or color, with a wait time of around 4.8 seconds for your first black-and-white page, or a mere 5.2 seconds for a color one.

One of the most frustrating thing about copiers is the amount of time it takes for them to warm up. That problem has also been eliminated with the VersaLink C605, which takes only 11 seconds from power-save mode to fully start up.

Exceptional Resolution

The VersaLink C605 also produces black-and-white copies in only 4.8 seconds. And with advanced features like darkness control, book copying with center erase, and automatic background suppression, your color copies will be sharper and crisper than ever.

High-Tech Security

With the Xerox VersaLink C605, your sensitive documents are always secure. This printer comes with 256-bit encryption, IP address filtering, role-based permissions and more to keep your private data safeguarded. The C605 gives you the confidence and peace of mind to perform all your tasks worry free.