Quote Itemization For Your Pittsburgh Copier: How It Rewards You

Watch Out For An Explosion Of Hidden Costs! Itemize Your Pittsburgh Copier Quote!

Buying a Pittsburgh copier doesn’t have to be a smokescreen of unknown costs, and by getting everything itemized you can make your costs much more visible! Many times people will blindly buy a Pittsburgh copier without reading the fine print, or falling for the trick that many Pittsburgh copier reps use of offering a low cents per page. You see the great value in saving a few cents on every copy, and you don’t see the fine print that notes that consumables aren’t included in the quote! Are these included?

  • Toner
  • Imaging units
  • Transfer belts

And many more things that you will need over the life of the contract for your Pittsburgh copier! If these things aren’t included in your quote, you won’t actually know how much everything is costing you over and above what you signed up for until after you have to purchase them and do your math after the fact. The secret: itemizing your quotes so you know what is actually being paid over the long haul for the whole package that is your Pittsburgh copier. The simple key is to know what you’re buying, so you can compare apples to apples in your decision!