New Technology Means a New Office

Technology tends to change the way that we do everything. The past twenty years or so have been no different for the office space. Offices used to be run by desktop computers with bulky monitors and there was usually a separate fax machine, scanner copier and printer. People still relied heavily on the conventional mailing system. Now thought, email is starting to seem like an old system as everyone has a smart phone and usually uses a tablet to conduct their work. Computers are now small enough to fit in our laps and all of these things can be networked through something called the “cloud.” This has led to offices becoming sleeker and more efficient. There is not nearly as much paper wasted and backing up documents has never been easier.

These advancements have also been shared by copiers. Copiers can now do scanning, faxing, connect with email accounts and be networked throughout the office and via the cloud. In addition to all of this you can get copiers that can staple, make booklets and that can collate. All of these options can be managed via a smart pone and it is just getting easier and easier. 

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