Copier Billing in Pittsburgh

Different billing options in Pittsburgh

In an ideal business situation, the money flowing in is greater than the money flowing out. This allows profits to be made and put back in to the company. Unfortunately, times aren’t always easy on a business. Sometimes a strict budget must be implemented to help keep the company in business. One form of cost cutting could be in the copier area.

Tiered Billing

There is a type of billing that many copier companies are offering. It is called tiered billing and works by differentiating black and white printing from colored. This helps keep your spending down on the services that you don’t use. Your company in Pittsburgh should sit down and see if this billing option is right for your business.

Some questions

How much colored printing and copying does your office produce in a typical month? How much black and white copying and printing? If you do more black and white then color, a tiered billing option could help cut costs. Color copying and printing always costs more than black and white. This billing option will save your business money in the end by focusing on what your business produces the most.

Do you have questions about tiered billing? Do you want to know more about copiers? Give us a call since our expert employees will be glad to talk.