Buying a Large Copier in Pittsburgh

Are you a Graphics Shop or a church that pumps out tons of print volume?

Often the biggest users of color are the ones you’d least expect.  We all know lawyers and accountants go through lots of trees, sometimes we forget that churches and realtors, etc can also produce massive amounts of printed documents.  When a group that prints a lot is looking for a copier, it is more critical to get a good click rate than it is to get the best equipment costs.  Let’s say that you do 10,000 color prints per month and one quote has color at $.085 ea and the other is at $.06 each.  This is a functional difference of $250 per month.  Spread out over 60 months, it is $15,000… You can buy one rocking machine for $15,000!

If you would like a quote on a high volume color copier, give us a call today!