Tabloid Printing And You: A End User's Article On Saving With Your Pittsburgh Copier

Neat Picture Of A Jaguar? Well Here's A Neat Way To Save On Your Pittsburgh Copier!

Do you do very much tabloid printing on your Pittsburgh copier? Well if you have a copier in Pittsburgh that counts tabloid printing as “2 clicks” and you’re printing any color you could be losing a lot more money than you realize! Some Pittsburgh copiers only count tabloid as “1 click” and that can save you half as much! If you only very occasionally print tabloid then you may save money on the volume of your letter/legal size printing rather than the up front cost of the more efficient copier designed to do a lot of tabloid printing. Here are the main factors to think about when deciding which Pittsburgh copier you’ll buy:

  • Do you print a lot of tabloid?
  • Do you print more than 10% color coverage when printing tabloid
  • Does your current copier cost you too much for tabloid?

Those are only a few things to think about when purchasing or replacing a copier in Pittsburgh, so decide what your priorities are and make an informed decision! The Pittsburgh copier market can be tough, so look at what you really need, and buy ONLY what you need!