The Importance of Recycling Toner

The toner cartridge in your Xerox copier, or whatever brand you love, is designed to produce a certain number of copies. The exact number will vary based upon the type of copier that you have and the amount of ink you put on each page (coverage). When the amount of toner left in the cartridge reaches a pre-determined level, you will receive a “Low Toner” or “Add Toner” warning on your control panel display screen. This is the signal to replace the old cartridge with a new one.

When you perform this task, do not throw the old cartridge away in your every day trash. The chemicals used the process of manufacturing toner can be dangerous to the environment. Save the packing material when you remove the new cartridge. Remove the old cartridge and insert the new on. Wrap the old toner cartridge in the plastic bag that was part of the original packaging. Seal the bag securely with tape. Place the old cartridge inside the shipping box and secure it place with the packing material. Seal the box. If you do not have a service contract, you can send the cartridge back to Xerox using a prepaid mailing label available from their recycling website if one is not contained in the original shipping package.

For more information on how to recycle the toner cartridge or any other piece of office equipment, contact our Pittsburgh area office or visit Xerox’s site here