Lease Rate Ladders And You: Save By Spending With Your Pittsburgh Copier?

Ways To Save Using Lease Rate Ladders And Your Pittsburgh Copier! Loosen Up!

Leasing a copier can be a great option for having lower monthly payments and having new technology all the time. There’s usually a service plan included on most Pittsburgh copiers as well. It’s generally a headache free process, and you pay a little more to get rid of the headaches of owning a Pittsburgh copier. There is a little known spot that you CAN save money on your Pittsburgh copier lease:

  • There are little known Lease Rate Ladders by dollar amount
  • You can pay “LESS” for the plan but end up paying MORE than the next tier up
  • Pittsburgh copier companies/leasing companies make their money by volume
  • So, if you’re printing more volume i.e. the next tier up, you’ll get a better monthly payment

It’s just a strange little known trick, so always be sure to ask if you’re close to one of the rungs of the ladder, because you could pay just a little more to get into the next bracket or tier or rung, and it could end up saving $1000 over the life of your lease. Pittsburgh copier reps usually don’t withhold this information, they just don’t think about it in terms of your savings long term.