If Your Pittsburgh Copier Put Your Data Security At Risk Would You Be Concerned?

Data Security And Your Pittsburgh Copier: Not Just Your Credit Information Is At Risk

Do you lock your house when you’re gone or at night in Pittsburgh? Well chances are that you do, and it’s almost a better idea that you take a closer look at your current data security in Pittsburgh copiers. Have you noticed like we have that there are a lot of used copiers on the market nowadays? Who scans the hard drive on your average Pittsburgh copier to make sure that there is no sensitive information on there? Here are a few people who benefit from knowing what is or more importantly ISN’T on their Pittsburgh copier:

  • Anyone dealing with lawyers (including you, because not protecting some info can get you into a lawsuit!)
  • Sensitive accounting information involving budget, payroll, vendors, etc
  • Human Resources actions involving discipline, hiring and firing
  • The medical community and being HIPPA compliant
  • Hackers who want even more information

As you can see there are a lot of people with Pittsburgh copiers who have an interest in keeping or getting this data, so data security in a Pittsburgh copier has never been so vital!