How to Uncover Hidden Lease Costs in Pittsburgh

All leases need to be studied before committing to one. Even in the great city of Pittsburgh, there are companies that will try to wring as much money out of your business as possible. This is accomplished through means that might be legal but aren’t always on the level. Here are some more hidden costs to look for when reading a lease agreement.

First week Fees

If you can, wait until the last week of the month to sign a lease agreement. This is because the first week of every month is a great time for leasing companies to get a contract signed. Since the company won’t send out your bill for 45 days, they will charge you the first month plus a prorated 15-day lease charge. This charge may not go towards your lease agreement, so be careful of this fee.

Automated Insurance

Be sure to give the leasing company your insurance information as soon as possible. The company needs this information to cover the cost of the copier in cast of theft or damage. If you don’t give them this information, the company will automatically tack on a monthly insurance charge.

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