Pittsburgh copier leasing

Pittsburgh Copier Lease Traps

By Marketing Group / April 3, 2013 / Comments Off on Pittsburgh Copier Lease Traps

Copier Pittsburgh Before you sign a copier lease for your Pittsburgh enterprise, watch out for these contract clauses that can cost you money: Late Charges Late payment fees can become a great extra source of revenue for the leasing company if it can lock you into overly demanding payment terms. “Net-10 day” payment terms can prove…

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How to Uncover Hidden Lease Costs in Pittsburgh

By Marketing Group / March 18, 2013 / Comments Off on How to Uncover Hidden Lease Costs in Pittsburgh

All leases need to be studied before committing to one. Even in the great city of Pittsburgh, there are companies that will try to wring as much money out of your business as possible. This is accomplished through means that might be legal but aren’t always on the level. Here are some more hidden costs…

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