Copier Data Security

Copier Hard-drive security in Pittsburgh

The security of a copier is something that many office managers don’t think give a second thought. Many still view a copier as nothing but a big and expensive printer. Printing is one thing a copier does well, but it isn’t the only feature. Every copier is a complex tool that is filled with both moving and unmoving parts. It is a machine but it also is a computer. Most modern copiers are much more powerful than the computers that helped send Neil Armstrong to the moon. Because of the digital files that are stored on a copier, security must be a factor.

If a company is leasing a copier, make sure that no data leaves the office on the internal hard-drive. Every piece of paper that is printed and copied leaves a trace on the hard-drive. To help keep your sensitive information from leaving the Pittsburgh office, there are a few things that can be done to the hard-drive.

1. Have the leasing company erase the hard-drive on site.
2. Pay a fee for the hard-drive and keep it at the site.
3. Pay a fee for the Hard-drive and destroy the disk.

No matter what choice is made, the hard-drive on a leased copier shouldn’t leave the office full of data.