Are You Getting Charged Color Prices For B&W On Your Pittsburgh Copier?

Don't Get Charged For These When You're Printing B&W On Your Pittsburgh Copier!

It’s expensive to use a color copier in Pittsburgh, right? Well it can be a lot more expensive if you don’t avoid the common mistakes many users make on their Pittsburgh copiers! Here are a few ways in which people misuse their color copier in Pittsburgh:

  • Accidentally printing or copying grayscale and getting charged for color
  • Printing one small email address on the document in color getting charged a full color page
  • Having everyone in the office have access to color printing

These are just a few small areas where you can lose a lot of money printing color, and not even knowing who is printing color in the office compounds the problem with the lack of accountability. It’s the worst when you don’t know that what looks black and white is charging you for color (grayscale) on your Pittsburgh copier! So copy and print smart, because there are a lot of ways that your Pittsburgh copier can suck you dry!