Xerox Copiers in Pittsburgh

Looking for a printer/copier solution for your Pittsburgh business? Consider the following issues before making your next purchase:

  • The expensive copier in your office that is taking up so much space may not be the right model for your business. Many copier representatives push over-sized machines to customers rather than giving the right product for the right office space. XEROX sales representatives want to help you manage your copying/printing productivity; not sell you a machine you don’t really need just to get a bigger commission.
  • Look at the details of your next contract. Sure, that half penny a copy sounds good but what does color copying cost? How much are supplies for your machine? And what is the overall payment each month?
  • Take a look at what supplies are costing you each month. Have you examined XEROX’s eConcierge copy supplies management software? The eConcierge software package is configured to work with your machines so that you can order supplies in advance, reduce copier downtime, and eliminate human supply ordering errors.

Contact your Pittsburgh XEROX sales representative today to see what XEROX can do for your company.