Xerox and Copier Technology

XEROX and Jobs

In 1979 a young Steve Jobs, now working on the Apple Lisa project made a trip to the XEROX laboratory in Palo Alto. What he saw there amazed him. At the laboratory Jobs took his first look at a series of technologies known as WIMP (Window, Icon, Menu, and Pointer). XEROX went on to invest one million dollars in Apple and a few year later computers were revolutionized. Today virtually all personal and office computers incorporate the concepts in these technologies in one way or another. At the time Jobs is said to have remarked, “They had no idea what they had.” But in many ways the fact that XEROX turned over the development of these idea to others allowed the company to focus intensely on their core printer, copier, and duplicating products.

Today Pittsburgh companies looking for a copier should feel confident that XEROX has stayed focused on their core business. XEROX invented so many of the forerunners of the products that we use today. Whether your firm in Pittsburgh is looking for a scanner, copier, large scale digital printer, or workflow software XEROX has continued to innovate products you will love.