Understanding Maintenance Contracts

What types of maintenance contracts are there?

If you’re a Pittsburgh business looking for a maintenance contract you better have a look at this first. These are the main types of contracts that you will see when you look in the Pittsburgh metro area.

  • Cost per print – this is a good bottom line contract. You know what you are paying because it’s factored into your cost per print. This is good if you like to tell toner reps “Sorry we are under contract for all supplies and service”.
  • Toner out – This basically means what it says. The toner is left out. This is popular with businesses that have small printer and want to pay one bill for maintenance at the beginning of the year and then buy their own toner as needed.
  • Maintenance included – This is better for businesses that don’t want a huge bill at the beginning of the year. You buy toner at an inflated price, but you maintenance contract is worked into the price.

 If you are looking for a copier, or a maintenance agreement in Pittsburgh, please call us.