The Xerox Colorqube

The color copier we have had some of the best experiences with has been the Colorqube 8700XF. This color copier might be the perfect fit for your office if you are not happy with the color copier you are currently using. Here are some features that you might want to think about adding in order to make running your small office a more efficient process:

• This one device is capable of printing, copying, scanning, faxing and stapling – this can save a lot of time and space for you and the people who work in your office

• It also has 3,000 sheets of high speed input capacity

• It has state-of-the-art features like being able to scan directly into a Dropbox file

• You would be able to scan i color to a network share or straight to the copier itself

• Convenient stapling as well as the integrated stapling features come with it

• It can copy up to 44 pages a minute

• It comes with low costs per print

• All of these features and it still comes in at the pretty competitive price of being under $5,000

This copier has been an excellent device for most of our copiers who need these kinds of features and we would love for the opportunity to get your office one! Please give me a call at (412) 346-6288 and I would love to help get you a Xerox Colorqube 8700XF for your office in the Pittsburgh area.