Taking Care of Your Copier

If you take care of your copier it will ensure that you will have your copier for a very long time and it will function for you and your office for a long time. This will save you a lot of money and will make you happy. 

Begin by unplugging the machine so that you will decrease chance of injury due to electrical shock. Use a moist lint free cloth and wipe down the surface of the machine. Use a little bit of soap and water to remove any stains that might be on the machine. Any liquid can be very bad for a copier, so keep liquid away from the machine. Open the drawers and doors so that you can vacuum the dust out. Use a slightly moistened cloth to wipe down the glass and remove any dust that will cling to the rollers.

Make sure that you get a professional technician to service any internal components that might need to be cleaned. You should have someone that you can depend on for prompt and quality service for your copier.

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