Per Click Costs for Copiers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Copier: Per-Click Cost

If you have been shopping around Pittsburgh for a color copier, you may have noticed that it is difficult to find one that has a low per-click cost. We hope that you will not give up the search, and we encourage businesses to consult with us before purchasing a color copier in Pittsburgh.

Calculating the per-click costs is not as difficult or as time-consuming as you might think. In fact, it is really a basic formula that you can use to determine how many copies you need to print every month to break even.

Here is how it works:

• Select two copiers to compare
• Subtract the price and the per-click cost
• Divide the final dollar value by the per-print price difference

To illustrate, if one copier costs $10,000 and the second costs $8,000, the final dollar value is $2,000. The difference between the per-click costs is divided by this number to give you the total number of copies needed to break even. Divide this number by the number of monthly payments. If you have more questions, contact us today!