Lease Rollovers And The Free Upgrade Trick With A Pittsburgh Copier

Stuck In A Pittsburgh Copier Lease And Feel Like This? Don't Fall For The "Free Upgrade!"

You may be stuck in a lease with your Pittsburgh copier. And when it’s about 6 to 8 months before your lease expires, you’ll get a friendly Pittsburgh copier sales guy calling you to offer a “free upgrade.” We’re here to discuss this concept of “free” today in the context of Pittsburgh copier leases gone wrong. Most times when you’re in a lease and negotiating a new one, the competition doesn’t have a leg to stand on because of how the reps present the case. They’ll tell you they will forgive a payment or two to get into another one among other things. Here’s what’s really happening most of the time:

  • There are already discounts offered by the manufacturer on the upgrade
  • The leasing company is forgiving a payment or two for another new lease
  • The Pittsburgh copier company is NOT passing those savings on to you

The reason is because they are taking those “savings” and bonus numbers and rolling them into the lease so it’s a little higher payments that you don’t notice. They are always getting their money, they are just taking a different approach that seems like more for less initially when rolling you into a new lease with your “free upgrade” Pittsburgh copier. It’s a confusing topic, so give us a call and we can clear it up for you and make your Pittsburgh copier leasing a clear and direct process!