Know the Right Questions to Ask Your Sales Rep

Knowing the right questions to ask your sales rep will help ensure that the process of buying a copier will go much more smoothly than it would without knowing the right questions. The following ones are good to ask when considering buying a copier:

Are maintenance and supplies included with the purchase of the copier?

What is the cost of the box as separate from the its supplies?

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What do extra accessories like faxing and finishing cost?

How many technicians does the company you are buying from have to work on your machine?

What various scanning options does the device you are thinking about buying have?

When you say the buyout is free, what is the difference in price if I don’t have the old one that would be replaced? Is there an actual difference?

Is my new device networkable?

When shopping for a copier in Pittsburgh, these questions might help avoid troubles that can sometimes be unforeseen and costly. I would love to assist you in buying your office’s new copier. Please call me at (412) 346-6288 so we can get your office the copier it needs and deserves!