Don't Pay for More Prints than You Use

Pittsburgh copier companies maintain valid business forces by securing revenue from a variety of different customers each month. These customers purchase copy packages as well as equipment and other staple business items from the copier companies in an effort to streamline their businesses and make budget-friendly print choices. What most customers don’t realize, though, is they are actually paying more for copies than what they think because they purchase more pages per month than they actually use.

Most Pittsburgh copier customers actually purchase with the idea that more is always better when, in all reality, they should be thinking less is more. You see, the problem with paying for more prints than are used is that the overage charges end up being more consistent in price with the “per click” cost rate.

For example, if your company pays $500 a month for 80,000 prints but only uses 35,000, you are paying extra for the 45,000 unused pages. To break it down even further, your company actually pays $0.0142 per page rather than the quoted $0.00625 per page because of the difference in use compared to purchased prints.

When you calculate your per print costs, you need to take the amount you are paying divided by the actual number you print as compared to the base number of prints in your contract. A trusted Pittsburgh copier company can help you calculate your usage and determine the best option for your company.