Does the Right Paper for a Copier Matter?

Business correspondence is your opportunity to present a professional image to your current and prospective clients and partners. Streaks, dark lines and spots send the wrong message. These troubleshooting steps can help you correct frustrating copy quality issues.

Make sure that you use the paper recommended for your Xerox copier. This ensures that the paper moves through the machine properly. Inspect feed trays and rollers for any small pieces of paper or other debris that can interfere with the toner’s ability to adhere to the paper. Clean the glass plate on a regular basis, and check it to ensure that it is not scratched or cracked. These defects will appear as blemishes on your copies. Promptly clean up any excess toner that spills inside the machine, and verify that the copier has the proper amount of powder. Although the copy machine may continue to function after the “Add Toner” light illuminates, low levels can result in poorly imaged copies. Glue on your drum unit can cause white or black spots on your documents. This problem can also occur if the drum is damaged.

If you need assistance maintaining or replacing your copier, give us a call. A member of our experienced Pittsburgh team will be happy to discuss your options.