Document management companies

Document management in Pittsburgh

If you are trying to find a document management company in Pittsburgh then you probably know that it isn’t a cut and dry process. There are a lot of things to look at and each company has pluses and minuses. Before you decide we recommend thinking a couple of things over in particular.

Do you know how you will handle your indexing? Indexing is how you mark your documents as they are put into the system. It can be done on the copier, or scanned in in batches. When we work with clients we normally advise them to go the second route. Scanning in batches reduces input errors and keeps you from making the whole office learn a new system.

How are you going to save your files? Many document management companies go out of business (around 90%). If your files are stored in a format that is exclusive to their company what are you going to do if they suddenly disappear? Make sure that the document management company that you choose stores their files in a transferable format like .pdf.

If you’d like to learn more about document management please feel free to call us.