Cost Per Print Contracts in Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh Copier: Cost-per-Click

Businesses in Pittsburgh must always find ways to save cash. Although it may be tempting to just observe the up-front costs involved in buying a copier, in some cases this approach could backfire. It depends on how much monthly volume the business expects from the copier. The price is one factor, but consider this total: the price of one click multiplied by the estimated number of clicks each month.

The point at which the copier will pay for itself is calculated by dividing the cost-per-click by the total copier price. This total is the minimum number of copies that must be sold each month in order to break even.

Although a Pittsburgh copy machine can boost your business productivity, a mistake in the monthly calculation could end up costing you more than expected. The best way to avoid this trap is to obtain accurate numbers prior to purchasing the copier. This way, you will have actual data from real-time operations that can be to project your future monthly needs.

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