Copiers Have Changed

Times, and Copiers, Have Changed

In the past twenty-five years the office work environment has undergone significant change. Twenty-five years ago the typical office was run on networked desktop computers tethered to huge cathode ray tube monitors. It was not uncommon for an office to have a separate fax machine, scanner, phone system, copier, duplicator, and printer. Phones with giant buttons were attached to our desks and snail mail still dominated our communications.

Technological advances have fundamentally changed the ways that we live and the way that we do work. Today’s offices are filled with smart phones, tablets, and computers—all of which are connected to cloud services and which are often also tied to centralized office servers with directories. Cloud back-up and cloud file sharing software packages have reduced the amount of required copying and file cabinets.

And today’s all in one copiers are better than ever. The modern all in one copier generally is a machine with integrated scan and fax capability, an Ethernet connection, and the ability to connect to office directories (such as Active Directory or LDAP). Today’s copiers offer the ability to print in color. Modern copiers come with optional attachments for stapling, booklet making, and collating. And all of those consumer smart phones and tablets that have migrated to our work places can be used to manage our printing needs.

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