Copier Leasing in Pittsburgh

It’s time to lease the copier

Everyone groans as this is an unpleasant task to endure.  20 copier reps all running around your office trying to explain why the other guy is doing it wrong.  It gets confusing and time consuming, all over this one piece of office equipment.  How do you get to the place where this is not so darn difficult?  Our suggestions are the following.

  1. Invite only the companies you want quotes from to participate.  If you invite everyone, you’ll get tons of quotes and a lot of confusion.
  2. Make sure you need a lease.  You may want to buy the copier outright.
  3. Compose a list of questions to ask before the rep shows up to meet with you.  In the heat of the moment it gets really easy to forget important questions you may have.

If you would like a quote on a copier lease in Pittsburgh, please give us a call!