Copier Lease Tips – #1

Copier Lease Tips

If you are looking to lease a copier in Pittsburgh, obviously you are going to have to work with a leasing company or sign a lease, so this little helpful article is about helping you get the best value when you are getting a copier lease here in Pittsburgh!

The first thing to decide is what kind of lease you are going to need.  Is it a FMV (Fair Market Value) or a $1 buyout lease?  A FMV lease in practical terms means you will be sensing the copier you bought for your Pittsburgh company back to the lease company.  The reason is they are working with the copier company to provide you a lease, so you are not their customer, the copier company really is.  Most copier companies want to sell new equipment, so before the lease company calls you back to give you a buyout number, they will normally call the copier company first, who will ask them to make this number as high as possible (thus motivating you to buy a new copier.)  If you want to keep the copier at the end of the lease term, do a $1 buyout lease.

We hope you find this copier lease tip helpful for you as you are looking to buy a copier here in Pittsburgh.  Please give us a call for a copier quote that is fair and aggressively priced as we have some great end of the year special deals!