Copier Contracts

Questions to ask before signing a copier contract

The rule of thumb when purchasing or renting a product is “let the Buyer Beware.” Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people on every level of society. This is true when going out to a restaurant, buying, or leasing a new copier for your business.

Keep an eye on the contract

Never sign anything without reading through the contract. These pieces of legalese may be full of jargon that you don’t understand. Use your company lawyer to help read the contract, but be sure you know what is in it before you sign.

Many questions should be asked before embarking on any sort of agreement. These are just a few.

“Is there an early termination fee?”

The earlier that you terminate a contract, the higher the fee you will be charged.

“What causes a contract to be canceled early?”

There are always reasons that a contract can be canceled early for both parties. Find out what they are in case these situations arise.

“What is the lease rate?”

This is what you will be paying for the lease. This question must be asked. Don’t assume you know the answer because it might surprise you.

“What is the charge for using a great amount of color?”

The answer to this question will vary from company to company.