Considerations When Buying a New or Used or Refurbished Pittsburgh Xerox Copier

Whether you are looking for a new or used Pittsburgh Xerox copier, you should always buy the maintenance agreement as well. The maintenance agreement should cover things that are prone to breaking, such as the belts and drums. Insurance is almost always worth the costs when it comes to purchasing a new, used, or refurbished copier.

Most copier representatives will sell a used copier “as is” at steep discounts. Most used copiers do not have a warranty, and if they do, they last no longer than 30 days. While the initial price is attractive, consider the costs of maintenance and repairs in the long run. A refurbished copier generally comes with a warranty that lasts at least 30 days to a year. A brand new copier will have a warranty of at least a year, and can last up to 3-5 years; that depends on the warranty agreement you purchase.

Prices for a refurbished copier are generally higher than the prices for used copiers. The service plan and the warranty on the machine make it worth the investment if you factor in the upgrades as well. If you purchase a refurbished copier, you should always consider upgrading certain components to ensure that the copier is a workhorse for your organization.