Buying Too Many Base Prints For Your Pittsburgh Copier? If You Don't Know, You Probably Are!

Grow Your Savings By Reducing Your Base Prints On Your Pittsburgh Copier!

Chances are, you’re paying too much for prints on your Pittsburgh copier. “How do you know?” You ask. Here’s the question to know: Do you pay for a certain amount of prints per month? My money says you got sold a few thousand extra prints so you could “be able to know how much it costs each month” or “so you don’t go over and pay more.” These and similar tactics can either sound like the Pittsburgh copier sales guy is on your side or pressure you into buying more! It can equate to thousands of dollars over a few years, and for what? The satisfaction of knowing you’re paying too much to print on your Pittsburgh copier?! It’s an interesting technique, and your:

  • Great equipment
  • outstanding service
  • good vendor relationship

couldn’t possibly be inequitable….could it? Well if you’re paying for an extra 3,000 prints a month on your Pittsburgh copier, you could be saving around $500 a year by lowering it closer to your actual print volume. Chances are that neither you nor your vendor has done this math, so we do it for you! This is just one little way to save on a Pittsburgh copier, so keep reading to get even more lucrative tips!