Buying a copier or leasing a copier?

Copiers are without a doubt a big purchase when you are getting a new business going. One of the most common questions we get asked at Pittsburgh copiers is if buying a copier is more worthwhile than taking part in a long-term lease.

There are several different ways to look at this issue and only you can make the final choice as to which is better.

Pros of Leasing a Copier:

  • If you have less cash coming in monthly then leasing is generally the way to go. The lower monthly payments can help your business get off the ground and give you a way to thrive without breaking the bank
  • Leases generally allow you to keep up with the pace of technology better. Once your lease ends you are able to upgrade to the newest machines, where you may be stuck with the copier you bought for years.

Cons of Leasing a Copier:

  • You can end up spending more money in the long run

Pros of Buying a Copier:

  • No monthly payments! If you have the money upfront to make the purchase then this can be the way to go. The one time purchase can be steep, but once you own it there is no recurring payments that you business needs to keep track of. It can also save you more money when tax season rolls around.

Cons of Buying a Copier:

  • The initial cost is generally quite expensive. Professional grade copiers are a large ticket item that can be difficult to buy outright. If your business has difficulty coming by surpluses of money then this may not be right.
  • You risk technology increasing so fast that your new printer becomes a relic in a number of years. While this may not happen immediately, you cannot upgrade an old copier once all other technology has moved on.

You are the only one that can decide what is right for you, but we are here to help you make that decision a little easier. Contact us at Pittsburgh Copier today and we can take the weight off your shoulders.