Buying a Copier in Pittsburgh

Buying a copier in Pittsburgh

Are you looking for a copier in Pittsburgh?  Most companies will simply call their current provider and see what the price of a new copier in Pittsburgh would be.  Then there are the more intelligent consumers, like yourself, who understand that a little research and due diligence on your part could saave your company thousands of dollars.

So, when shopping for a copier in Pittsburgh, what should you look at?

  • The first thing you will want to consider is the company you are working with.  This is going to be  a long term relationship.
  • Look at your needs.  Why spend $10,000 when a $600 copier would work fine…  or why spend $300 when you need a bigger copier to realize the cheaper cost per print benefit?
  • Make sure there is a solid plan in place so that you are not paying for every little service call.

Obviously, there is a lot more to buying a copier in Pittsburgh than just these simple tips, but this is a good starting point.