Are you getting the best copier for your needs in Pittsburgh?

Make sure you aren’t getting oversold 

Make the right copier and printer decisions

There are a lot of great copier dealers in Pittsburgh, but be that as it may there is always the chance that you are overspending on your copier or printer. Many people already know this but they would rather ignore it than figure it out because there are some many technical details in choosing a copier. Maybe you haven’t even considered it. Whatever the case here are a few checks that will through up red flags if things aren’t working for your best.

  1. You print only letter and legal but have 11×17 capabilities.
  2. You only print black and white but you have a color capable machine.
  3. You are paying for prints that you don’t even use.
  4. You spend an inordinately high cost for the amount of prints you print.

We have a free form available if you are interested in calculating the total cost of ownership for your machine in Pittsburgh. Just give us a call.