Xerox: Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

As sellers of Xerox products, we strive to understand the programs and protocols that our manufacturers represent to provide the best product.

What we found with Xerox is that they offer an amazing Total Satisfaction Guarantee. While the company does not over advertise this program, customers receive extraordinary benefits.

What happens if you receive a lemon for a copier that has a maintenance contract? With some companies, you will be left to fend for yourself, and when you buy a new copier, you will lose your maintenance contract. However, the Total Satisfaction Guarantee from Xerox lets users swap out their device while keeping their maintenance contract.

In one situation, we had a client who kept encountering issues with the printhead of their Phaser 8560MFP. It streaked in some cases and missed blocks in others, and no matter how many times the copier technician came to work on it, the copies were terrible. At last, the situation escalated and the customer fell back on the Total Satisfaction Guarantee program. Within a few days, an identical model arrived at their doorstep.