Xerox Phaser 7800 Series

Good Printers Lead to Better Results

The North Agency participated in a case study with the Xerox 7800 series. What did the results uncover? The results revealed that the difference between a high quality printer and a lower quality one. In the study, the evidence shown indicated that higher quality printers maintain a consistently high standard. Featuring a true 1200×2400 dpi resolution, designers see a clear contrast when it comes to the same color shades and color variations.

Higher quality printers provide accurate color that meets the industry standard, which means fewer revisions and greater attention to the creative process. With the Xerox 7800 series, they can produce large scale prints and print on heavier cardstock. This lets the designer create products such as business cards. Presenting an intuitive design and unparalleled simplicity, even non-tech savvy individuals will find it easier to operate. As a Pittsburgh company, we carry both the Xerox 7800 series and the HP X series. Both renowned brands lead to savings in time, money and efficiency. We provide machines that make life easier for our customers.