Why Xerox?

Consider a XEROX

Are you a Pittsburgh based company looking to buy your next copier? If so, please consider a few of the options below:

1. If you are cost conscious consider buying a refurbished XEROX machine. XEROX’s refurbished machines are thoroughly cleaned, equipped with replacement parts, and certified to factory standards. Refurbished machines have the added advantage of helping your company go green. Every refurbished machine means less plastics and metals piling up in landfills. XEROX customers can also save money and the environment by using and recycling toner and printer cartridges. Many times the savings on a refurbished machine will allow a company to budget for some extra features like stapling and booklet making attachments.

2. Today’s XEROX copiers are built to be integrated with your existing office technology platform. XEROX machine come equipped with Ethernet connections, scanners, and fax machines. Using Active Directory of LDAP your machine can be fully integrated with your office directory in order to track usage and permissions. XEROX also makes complementary cloud based products and applications for document management and printing from tablets and phones.

For more information about XEROX machines, call your local Pittsburgh copier representative today.