When Warm-up time Matters

If you are getting a new copier it is important to understand the basics of your machine. This is crucial to helping you know that your office machine is going to help your specific business. Not every copier is right for every business, and not every copier leasing company is trustworthy. It can be hard to understand all the minutia of copiers, but today we want to help you understand when warm-up time matters.

Warm-up time is something that doesn’t always affect everyone the same. In case you aren’t aware, warm-up time is the time it takes for your machine to go from being turned off to producing the first print. This can be completely insignificant for some businesses, but for others it can be the defining characteristic to how efficient it is in their office.

For example, an extremely busy law firm or medical office needs upwards of thousands of prints a day. That means that their machine will be running all day, from once the lights get turned on until everyone leaves for the day. In this case warm-up time is almost insignificant. These places would want to focus far more on print speed because prints will be coming almost all day long.

Alternatively, if you work for a small family business then this is when warm-up time matters. In companies like these you may only do a few small print jobs here and there. This means that your printer or copier will spend more time off. If this is the case then you will want a machine that can start up extremely fast over needing something with fast print speed. The time you save waiting for your printer to start up won’t be save on the fast print speed you get from printing 5 pages.

Warm-up time doesn’t affect every business the same. However, when warm-up time matters it can be the most defining factor in how efficient your machine is.