Using a Color Copier to Replace Color Printers

To cut the cost of your color printers, you replace them with a color copier, or you’re planning on doing so. However, if you don’t get some of the details right, your costs could unexpectedly spike.

Follow the steps below to rein in your print costs early, and save the money you intended with this new copier purchase.

How to Keep Your Print Costs from Exploding With Your Color Copier

If you’re not careful, your print costs can skyrocket and get out of control fast. Take these steps to control the expenses on your new copier immediately:

Set the default print settings to “black ink only”

Color prints are significantly more expensive than a black and white print. However, this one detail may have you printing “color” prints without you realizing it.

If you make a print that comes out as “composite gray,” it counts as a color print. To avoid this scenario, go into your copier options and select the “black ink only” option. Make sure you set this option for every copier and printer on your network.

Look at your documents before you sign your contract.

How much color toner can you use before you have to pay overages? NEVER sign a lease that tells you they can charge you for color at a higher rate if you go over 20% color coverage.

Never pay for scans.

If you have no choice, you only want to pay up to $0.0015 per scan. If you’re paying more, the leasing company is scamming you.

Train your employees to print only in black and white.

Help employees understand how much more expensive color prints are, compared to their black and white counterparts. Get them in the habit of using black and white at all times unless for the few exceptions where color prints are necessary.

Teach yourself how to use the advanced features.

Manufacturers include tools to manage your exposure and color costs. Learn what these tools are and how to use them all.

For example, some copiers can block specific users’ access to color prints, while others have reporting tools to see who is making color prints, and how much color toner they’re using.

Ask if your color costs can be cut in half.

If you historically print only 10% color coverage, you may get a discount on your color prints.

Follow These Simple Steps to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Color Print Bills.

If you ignore these steps, your prices will uncontrollably spike. Take these steps into account and to keep your color printing costs under control from the start.