Used Copiers

Does Your Copier Purchase Feel Like a Risk?

Many companies are looking for used copiers in Pittsburgh these days because they want to save cash and not be locked into quite as long of a contract.  So, if you are in this situation and want to know the advantages of a used copier purchased through us would be, here are some of the features we’d promote:

  • All used copiers come with a warranty just like the new copiers you’d buy.  Parts, labor, service, toner…  it can all be included.
  • Leases come up and as they do, there is an opportunity to get a $12,000 copier for $3,000!
  • Used copiers are generally really great or really terrible (depending on history).  We don’t sell the ones that have had constant problems!
  • Used copiers can have all the basic features of a new copier and are genrally about 30% of the price.

If you are looking for a used copier in Pittsburgh, please give us a call today!