Understanding Copier Shipping Responsibilities

Copier shipping is one of the most overlooked areas of any copier lease. Most people never consider anything about this because they don’t think that it’s going to be left up to them. It’s a commonly misunderstood part of copier leasing, and copier leasing companies know this. This is why they will use this piece of information to try and force you into another lease.

Here’s how they do it:

  • First, they will not obviously point out that you are going to be responsible for copier shipping. It will blend in with the rest of the lease and be easy to miss.
  • Shipping a copier on your own can be expensive. If you plan early then you can usually get a deal. However, most people do not do this and are left with much higher prices for a convenient solution.
  • Leasing companies count on businesses to not want to pay the high shipping fee. However the leasing companies already have good relationships with the shipping companies and can get the price for much lower than you could.
  • Your leasing company will offer to ship the copier for free if you sign another lease with them.
  • You may not have the money to do it without the help of your company. This is how you might get forced into signing another lease with a company that you do not enjoy working with.

Make sure that you’re always paying attention to the small details on your copier lease. Missing one small thing can be very costly later on.