Trusting your Copier Leasing Partner

When you are looking for a new copier lease there is something you really want to keep in mind: copier leases often go for around 5 years. This can have a number of implications to your business, but we want to talk about one big part of the equation. If you don’t trust, or even like, your copier leasing partner then you are likely going to have a bad time on your copier lease.

Trusting your copier leasing agent is integral to feeling good about what you are signing up for. At Pittsburgh Copier we believe that singing your lease should be exciting, not scary. It should not be a roll of the dice to see how the next few years are going to go. Your leasing company should give you peace of mind about your choice of office machine and lease, but not all companies are able to offer that kind of certainty.

Many leasing companies are only about making money. They will try and push you to buy whatever the most expensive option they can convince you to get. You can ususally feel when someone is trying to take advantage of you, but we always encourage talking with your leasing agent and asking them as many questions as you need. A good leasing agent will answer your questions and talk with you for as long as you need. A bad one will try fast talk you through the process to try and get you to signing right away.

Trusting your copier leasing partner will pay back tenfold over the coming years. You can be sure that the lease is going to be what you need and know that you can turn to them when things go bad. That is the peace of mind that you need on your next copier lease.