Storing Copier Supplies

Pittsburgh business owners who are interested in saving their companies as much money as possible should consider whether their printing product storage habits are costing them money. Oftentimes, Pittsburgh companies will purchase items such as cartridges and printing equipment that is not needed for immediate use. Thus instead of using the items right off the bat, the designated employee will store the products in a storage room for later use. How could this practice cost a company money? The answer has to do with the warranty.

As many business professionals are aware, warranties are an essential component of the product purchasing process. In essence, the warranty is the manufacturer’s promise to provide the consumer with a full refund in the event that the item doesn’t function properly. Typically, warranties are time-sensitive, meaning that there is a designated time period during which the customer can retrieve the refund. The process of storing printing products makes this process a potential problem. How? Let’s say you purchase a cartridge with a three month warranty and you store the product away for six months. If you retrieve it for use six months later and find that it doesn’t fit in your printer properly, you may not be able to receive a refund or exchange to rectify the problem.

Although storing printing products can be a challenge for your Pittsburgh company, it doesn’t have to be. To ensure that you don’t lose money by storing your printing products for too long, simply call your Pittsburgh manufacturer and ask for details regarding how your warranty works. Over the course of a lifetime, you could save your company a substantive amount of money by implementing this strategy.