Secure Your Copier with Good Practices

One of the things that we always advise our customers about is that they should create an IT security policy based on the appropriate security measures. Depending on your industry, you will want to decide on a copier model that will meet industry certifications. Check to ensure that your machines will meet the security standards of the industry. When it comes to certification, you have two different but prominent security certifications:

  • ISO 15408 Level 3 Certification
  • IEEE-2600-2008

When securing your copier, you have to consider security versus the ease-of-use. You have to look at the access controls and whether they will consist of user authentication. Also, will you implement passwords and user authentication codes? In addition to security, this can also save you money on printing because you can find out who printed what and how much. Before you buy or lease a copier, determine what you will do to the hard drive at the end of its life. What options are available to business owners? You can choose to destroy the hard drive, have the MFP wipe the hard drive clean or you can keep it onsite.