Save money with Managed Print Services

Your office copier may cost more than you may think. Copiers use a number of consumables and costs can add up quickly. The reality is that your copier is a necessity, but spending too much on it doesn’t have to be. You need to have someone on your side to help you save money. That’s exactly what you get when you work with a managed print service provider.

Managed print services will help you track all the things that happen with your printer. It may surprise you how much you can cut down on expenses. Most people have no idea what kinds of patterns and wasteful expenses happen right in front of them. With a managed print services provider, you will be able to keep track of everything that’s used and spent.

A good managed print service provider will:

  • Track all your paper usage
  • Track toner use
  • Track who uses the most color toner and what for
  • Monitor who uses the printer the most
  • Find areas of waste and help you cut down
  • Help documents to less wasteful, paperless storage

Managed print service providers won’t let anything get through the cracks. You can get regular reports to help you understand where you are wasting money and how to spend less.

A good managed print service provider can save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t spend more than you have to on your printer or copier. Call Pittsburgh Copier today to make sure your copier or printer isn’t costing you more than it should.