How to Save Money on Your Next Copier Lease

Learning how to save money on your copying expenses means that you will have more money for other more important areas of your business. Before you begin, however, you should figure out how many copies you plan to make. Make sure that you look at the waste, and sometimes a managed print plan will help you identify the waste at your company. After you know how much you are wasting, create a target that you will continually strive for. Nevertheless, always make sure that you leave some headroom because that ensures that you are not caught without a machine.

Look at the performance and calculate the total annual amount of waiting time. In some cases, the longer wait times will cost you more in wages and lost productivity. Also, look at the competition in the copier spec that you have planned. For most cases, you can find competing machines, and they will have slight variations that will make a big difference. However, do not go by price alone. You want to look at paper storage, toner replacement cycles and the copier speed. If you do not have a need for a color copier, avoid buying one. It will cost more. However, if you do have a need for color copies, set your default mode to black-and-white. This prevents your employees from unwittingly using color copies for print jobs that could have been done in black and white. For some applications like text and other things, you can get away with black and white. Color is best for marketing materials.