Save Money of your Copier Lease Rate

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money. This is especially true when it comes to getting expensive equipment for your business. Copier leases are one of the main areas that people want to save money, but not everyone knows how. There are a number of ways to save money when it comes to your copier lease, but one of the best ways to save is through a good copier lease rate.

Copier lease rates are determined by how much money you spend. You are usually able to get a better deal on your lease rate if you spend more money. However, this adjustment is not made on a 1-to-1 scale. You have to cross certain price thresholds in order to get a price break on your lease rate. If you know these price breaks then you can actually get a better copier for a cheaper price.

For example,you want a 48-month lease on a copier that will cost you $3001. The bank will decide the Fair Market Value lease rate and say you need to pay $74 per month.

If you were buying the same copier for $2999 then the bank would actually say that your Fair Market Value lease rate would be $91.

Just to help show it differently.

$3001 Lease = $74 per month

$2009 Lease = $91 per month

That’s a difference of $17 per month.

$17 x 48 months = $816 over the course of your lease

In times like this it is much more beneficial to spend a little more money and get the break. Ask your copier leasing company about where their price breaks lie and if you are close to getting a better price. You may be able to help yourself out a lot down the road if you know this one simple rule.