Response Times for Copier Service

What’s a Reasonable Response Time for Copier Servicing?

The response time of a copier servicing company can make or break a business because you are dealing with downtime, and you want to get your business running again as soon as possible. Before we work with a customer, we ask them detailed questions to determine the needs of their business. In some cases, we discover disheartening information, such as how much their past company took advantage of them.

In one example, we learned that a customer had been paying a lease for more than eight years. In addition, they suspect that the company delivered a used copier to them at that time. When we looked at the make and model, we think that they might be right.

What made this situation worse? Their existing copier company would regularly take up to four business days to service their copier. On more than one occasion, they waited four days without a copier. When you work with a copier company that cares, you should not wait longer than six hours for us to drive to your location. We want your business to receive excellent service, and we like to know that we helped to keep your business running efficiently.