Reduce Your Copier Costs

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Pittsburgh Copier Cost Less to Use

It’s incredibly easy for your Pittsburgh business to waste money when it comes to using your copiers. You might be wasting as much as 15 percent of your total copier costs due to inefficient copier practices, which means that your business could have a major unnecessary expense on its hands.

In trying to help your business use your copier more efficiently, there’s three usage tips listed below:

1. Do Longer Copying Jobs When You Can

By making your jobs longer, your copier uses energy and toner more efficiently. You also preserve the life of your machine, which means that you have to deal with less maintenance.

2. Opt for a More Efficient Copier

Do you really need to use a 20% coverage copier for a quick print? Consider setting up a copier that’s more efficient when printing copies for quick jobs that require less quality.

3. Set the Default Copier Mode to Black and White

Very rarely will you ever need to copy something in color. Set your default mode to black and white, that way your employees will need to take extra steps to expend more toner.

These three simple steps will save your Pittsburgh business money when it comes to copier costs. You may consider things like a Pittsburgh copier service to save even more when it comes to outsourcing high-quality prints or to do high-volume copies.