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Three Golden Steps to Removing Paper and Automating Your Business Processes

Tired of shuffling paper around the office? Did you know there is a better way? Transforming your paper documents into an automated workflow boils down to three key steps: Scan, file and shred the paper. As simple as it may sound, the devil always exists in the details. Each of these steps will depend on the requirements of your business. Nevertheless, these are the three basic steps to eliminating paper. Instead of having a paper database, you are creating an electronic database.

In the first step, you digitize your paper documents through scanning on the copier. After you have captured the image or full-text document, you will index them using keywords. You can also index entire texts to make them searchable for easier retrieval later. However, where and how you file your documents should be based on your business requirements. Finally, you will get rid of paper. While you may have to keep some of the documents to stay compliant, you can dispose of unnecessary paperwork. Always shred paper that shows sensitive information. With this three-step system, you can wave goodbye to excess paper usage and cut down on your printing costs.